The Wedding day


Q: How long will you be at my wedding taking pictures? 
A: I generally spend between 8-10 hours at a wedding, sometimes more. Every wedding is different, and I stay as long as it takes to capture the full narrative of your day.

Q: If I want a second photographer, what can I expect? 
A: I have several photojournalists who are part of my team exclusively. One of them has been shooting with me for the past 6 years. When you add a second photographer to the team, you’re getting someone who is primarily going to focus on candid moments, family and guest emotion, and the other stories of the day that don’t include you. This leaves you with one photographer creating an editorial narrative of you as a couple, while the other photographer focuses on your friends and family.

Q: How many photos will you take at my wedding?
A: The number of photos you receive will depend on the details of your specific wedding. You can expect anywhere from 300-1000, with the average being around 800. I don’t cap the images at a set number – I promise to capture your absolute best moments. 

Q: What happens if you have a major emergency on my wedding day and you can’t be there? 

A: I always have a backup plan. Granted, in the many years that I’ve been photographing weddings, I’ve never missed one or even been late. That said, if something were to happen, I have a strong network of trusted professional photographers who would help take care of you on your wedding day. 

Q: Will you tell how us much time we need for photos? 
A: Wedding day timeline planning is something I do with all my couples. This is the foundation we create so all your expectations can be fulfilled. The timeline will have allowances for anything unexpected that might come our way, which will keep the day on track, relaxed and stress-free. With a timeline in place, you can be fully present for your wedding and we can create amazing, carefree images together.

Q: How will you dress on the wedding day?
A: I’ll dress for the occasion. My goal is to blend in with the crowd and be comfortable enough to work. How else am I supposed to get those great candid shots?!

Q: Can my family members take photos during my wedding? 
A: Sure! I just ask that they not get in my way or block any of my photos. 


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