The Photos


Q: How long after the wedding will I get to see my photos? 
A: Our turnaround time is 90 days or less from the date of your wedding. 

Q: Will there be an online gallery for sharing my wedding photos via social media or with friends and family? 

A: Yes

Q: How will we receive our wedding images? 

A: All the images from your online gallery will be available via digital download for one year. 

Q: Can guests order prints from you? We don’t want to field all those requests from friends and family. 
A: Yes. In fact, I offer the option of having an iPad sign-up at your wedding, where guests can enter their email to receive a notification when the gallery is ready, along with a credit for two free prints. (They just have to pay for shipping.)

Q: Will I own the copyright to my wedding pictures? 
A: No. The photographer retains the copyright to all the photos, but you will have the right to print the images, make copies, and share them online. That encompasses everything that most people choose to do with their wedding photos.
If copyright ownership is important to you, you can purchase the copyright for an additional $5000 fee. However, once you’ve purchased it and I deliver the images to you, I destroy all the images on my end and don’t keep backups. So, with purchase of the copyright, the images are completely yours and entirely your responsibility. 

Q: Do you back up our images? How are the photos stored? Are they safe? 
A: During the event, I shoot on two cards at the same time. This instantly creates a backup of every image in the camera. The moment I leave your wedding and get back to my studio, I make multiple copies of your image files. One set is stored offsite in a fireproof safe. Another is immediately burned to DVD for archiving, and the third set goes onto an external hard drive. As you can see, I’m serious about backing up and protecting your images. I understand that your wedding day will only happen once, so I take every precaution. 

Q: What if I lose my images? 

A: I highly recommend that you make backups of your images. I only guarantee storage of your images for one year. That said, if you lose your images after a year, please get in touch – I do generally hold onto them for longer than that, and I can make them available for you to download again. 

Q: Can you just email me a few images before the whole set is ready? 
A: A lot of work goes into the images after the actual session is done, and “just sending a few images” sounds simpler than it actually is. If possible, I try to provide a sneak peek on social media, but otherwise I focus on delivering your full set of images in the promised time frame. If you want the file for one of those sneak peek images, or if there is a specific image you want for thank you notes, please let me know. 


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