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Q: Do you do engagement photos? What’s the advantage to having them done? 
A: Absolutely! My engagement sessions are designed to be a memorable experience that connects you to each other and helps me get to know you both. For more engagement information, check out my Engagement Guide.

Q: What’s the deal with your adventure bridal and couple sessions?
A: On your wedding day, you’ll have a short window of time to get family portraits, photos of you as a couple, and bridal shots. My post-wedding adventure sessions offer you the confidence of knowing that you’ll also get incredible photos in your wedding attire after the big day. Beyond that, they allow us the time and creative freedom to make one-of-a-kind images together. During the session, we’ll spend up to two and a half hours at a remote location, exploring and hiking. Be prepared to be adventurous and enjoy the more relaxed timeline. Please click here for more information. 

Q: I’m getting married out of the country. Would you consider doing my wedding? How does that work? 
A: I have a current passport and am ready to travel. You’ll receive a wedding collection guide that is specific to your destination, which will include all travel and lodging in one flat fee. 

Q: Do you charge for travel? 
A: No, wedding & engagement travel is included in all my collections.  

Q: What type of editing do you do? Are touch-ups included? 
A: Absolutely, editing is included in all my collections. I spend a lot of time on the back end working with your images, carefully polishing and crafting your images until they look their very best. My goal is happy couples who love how they look in their photos. 

Q: Are there additional costs for more extensive post-production?
A: Yes. Rates for extensive post-production vary from $5-$25 per image. This includes touch-ups like smoothing skin and removing blemishes, bags under eyes, or flyaway hairs. It also includes custom editing work such as removing entire objects from the scene, changing the size and shape of body parts or other objects in the scene, or adding objects to a scene. This is not something I do often.

Q: Is a wedding album included? 
A: Some of my collections include an album, while others don’t. My remembrance albums are curated as a way for you to relive your wedding day. These handcrafted, flush-mount albums come with an exclusive selection of seven leathers and linens to choose from and start with ten spreads for creating your narrative. An album can become a family heirloom that you pass down to your children and grandchildren, as well as a beautiful way to share the love of your wedding day with friends and family. It serves as a collection of stories that will create new memories for your family every time you pull it off the shelf.

Q: If I decide I want an album, when will I receive it? 
A: You’ll receive your album once you have fully approved it. Generally, it takes 3-4 weeks to be ready for pick-up at the studio. 


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