About Abbots Lane Photography 


Q: You call yourself a Craftsman photographer. What does that mean? 
A: I was trained as an editorial photographer, and I specialize in crafting narratives from photographic detail. What I call ‘Craftsman photography’ combines my favorite parts of both editorial photography and photojournalism to give you something genuine, emotional, and beautiful. 

Q: What equipment do you use? 
A: I shoot with the latest Canon gear, as well as a full selection of lighting equipment and back-up gear. 

Q: Do you have insurance? 
A: Yes. Many venues require the photographer to have liability insurance. I also carry several other types of insurance. If your venue needs a copy of the insurance certificate, just let me know! 

Q: Can we see a list of references, so we can speak with some of your former clients? 
A: I understand why prospective clients ask, but I don’t give out references for two reasons: first, I would only refer you to couples who I know would say wonderful things about me, so the reference would be biased. And secondly, I deeply respect each of my clients and the relationship we’ve built together. For that reason, I won’t ask them to provide free marketing for me on their own time. To learn more about previous clients’ experiences, I’d invite you to check out my reviews and speak with any of your vendors who have worked with me in the past.

Q: Can we see a full set of wedding photos? 
A: Of course you may! I pride myself in the consistency of my work. I understand that all photographers post their best shots from each wedding on their websites, so it’s hard to determine how well they’ll perform on your wedding day. That’s why I encourage all of my potential clients to view full weddings from all photographers they’re considering. I have hundreds of full weddings available online, as well as over 70 printed albums in my studio.

Q: Do you blog every wedding? 
A: While I would love to, the reality is that I just don’t have time to put every wedding I shoot on my blog.


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